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I know you are up most nights thinking…

How can I get my child to talk more?

Is there a way to control their impulsive behaviors?

Will my kid ever be potty trained?

Nothing seems to be working and I don’t know what to do?

What will happen after I’m gone?

We understand and are here to help. 

Holistic Therapies

We believe in caring for the entire person and their families as a whole. Our care involves acknowledging the mind, body, and soul of our patients. We also understand things like culture, spirituality and family dynamics have a role to play. We recognize and treat each individual client differently. 

Subscription Based Services

Think of us as the Netflix of Austim Care. You can decide what services are important for your family for a monthly fee. You don’t need to focus on care that “medically necessary”. You know your child best, shouldn’t you have a say in their care?

In Office, In your home or Virtual

We have several ways that we can connect with you and your family. If you live in the Newark, NJ area, we can schedule appointments in our office or in your home. If not, we have a virtual appointment using a secure telemedicine video that puts your privacy first. 


You can focus on the things that are important to you and your family. 

Here’s What We Offer

Behavior Management


Reiki & Energy Work


Yoga & Movement

Holistic Medicine

Homework Help




Functional Play


Daily Living & Social Skills

Caregiver Training

And More

Figuring out the right way to help your child with autism, with so many approaches to learn, can feel like an impossible task. Contessa makes it easy because she gets to the heart of the matter (knowing and supporting your child from the inside out) . Then she helps you build a simple and affordable plan to help with their mood, behavior and learning. As a parent, it feels gentle, peaceful and supportive.

Faith Clarke

Autism Mom & Entrepreneur

When my youngest was first diagnosed, I was unsure of where to start to get him the support that he needed. Through the professionals in this center, I received both guidance and compassion and now my son is thriving and enjoying his journey.

Anita W.

Autism Mom

When I feel like giving up Tessa is there. When I want to give up on my kid Tessa is there. When my kid is a sh*t and I need someone who understands Tessa is there.


Autism Mom

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does my child need a diagnosis for you to help them?

It is not necessary to have a specific diagnosis prior to using our services. If you, as a parent/guardian, believe that your child has developmental, social, physic, sensory or other issues that you have questions about, then schedule a consult. We believe parents because it is very common to ‘know’ there is something unique about their child long before any professional or any testing suggests this. Trust your gut feelings.

Do you only work with individuals with autism?

No, we are here to help. There are eight disorders that are part of or closely related to the Autism spectrum including Angelman Syndrome, Asperger’s Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, Landau-Kleffner Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, Tardive Dyskinesia, and Williams Syndrome. Your child may also have ADD/ADHD, PANS/PANDAS, Social Communication Disorder, Sensory processing disorder or Neuroatypical/Neurodivergent and much more. No matter the official diagnosis, we can work together for a plan that’s right for your family.

Can you cure my child of autism?

There is currently no “cure” for Autism Spectrum Disorder. There are practices, modalities and lifestyle changes that can be implemented to manage some challenges with communication, behaviors and others. Our main focus on providing peace, acceptance and a better quality of life for your family.

Are all these therapies important? Which is best for my child?

Yes and no. That is why we take our consultations serious and ask that you are honest about your home life and your child. We will make suggestions but you have the final on which area are most important to you. We are co-partners in the care of your child.

Do you work with Adults?

Yes, children with autism become adults with autism. We can still provide services with their consent and input. Don’t worry, we will still keep you in the loop.

Can we use your program with other programs like Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)?

es, our program can be used with existing therapies. However, there may be some contradictory or conflicting approaches. We will inform you of these during your consult. 


Office and Virtual Appointments Available

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